Institut für Mathematik Universitaet Potsdam

Master Class and Workshop in Vienna

Higher structures emerging from renormalisation

November 08-19, 2021

Master Class November 8 - 12 (around 4 lectures per topic):

Link to Abstracts of the introductory lectures

Workshop November 15 - 19

The aim of the workshop, is to offer a place to create new and enhance already existing interactions between the subsequent topics:
1) Rough analysis, regularity structures, mould calculus and renormalisation
2) Algebraic and combinatorial structures in renormalisation and QFT
3) Renormalisation in quantum field theory
Beyond these topics, we expect a cross-fertilisation between (stochastic) analytic and algebraic approaches to renormalisation in quantum field theory and related questions.

Advanced Master students, PhD students, Post-Docs and whoever wishes to learn about these topics, is welcome to attend the Master class and to stay on for the workshop.
We plan an active participation of PhD students and Post-docs with slots for short communications during the Master class.

The following speakers have confirmed their participation:

Y. Bruned (Edinburgh, UK),
A. Chandra (London, UK),
J. Dougherty (Munich, Germany),
G. Dunne (U. Connecticut, US),
L. Foissy (Calais, F),
A. Frabetti (Lyon, F),
J. Gracia-Bondia (San José, Costa Rica),
O. Gwilliam (U. Massachussets, US),
E. Herscovich (Grenoble, F),
M. Hoshino (Osaka, Japan),
B. Jurco (Prague, Czech Republic),
F. Lehner (Graz, Austria),
F. Otto (Leipzig, D),
E. Panzer (Oxford, UK),
J. Thürigen (Münster, D),
V. Vargas (Paris, F),
K. Yeats (Waterloo, Canada),
E. Garcia Failde (Paris, F),
M. Miller (Toronto, Canada),
R. Zhu and X. Zhu (Beijing, China, Bielefeld, D).


P. Clavier (Moulhouse, France)
K. Ebrahimi-Fard (Trondheim, Norway)
P. Friz (Berlin, Germany)
H. Grosse (Vienna, Austria)
D. Manchon (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
S. Paycha (Potsdam, Germany)

Sylke Pfeiffer (Potsdam)

For both events, please contact

We are very grateful to the following institutions for their generous support:

GDR Renormalisation: nouvelles structures et applications under the auspices of the CNRS
Foundation Compositio Mathematica Foundation Compositio Mathematica
Research group Stochastics and Finance Mathematics, Technische Universität Berlin
IRIMAS, Université de Haute Alsace, Mulhouse, France
NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim